How To Cope With Panic Attacks

For those diagnosed with the symptoms of panic disorder, it is vital to know how to cope with panic attacks. Learning what triggers your panic attacks and how to check and stop it from occurring again is also very essential.

It is indeed easier to preach than practice and it does take some time and effort to learn to cope with these attacks. Panic Away by Joe Barry provides high-quality information on how to put a stop to panic attacks naturally, by using right breathing techniques and diet.

The common symptoms, when a panic attack is about to arrive, are increased pace of heart beats and hasty and shallow breaths etc. If you can identify these symptoms when they occur, there is enough probability to stop or prevent it from turning into a typical panic attack.

Below are some tips on how to cope up with panic attacks:

Recognize Your Panic Attack

Recognizing your panic attack and the signs that the attack is about to come soon is the first step. Some victims of panic disorder testify that self-talk and self-encouragement helps in controlling their state from getting worse.

You can prevent anxiety and panic attacks from shooting up by telling yourself to calm down consistently.

Holding Something

It has been reported by several panic disorder victims that holding an object makes it easier to handle a panic attack; it can be anything from a stone to the handle of a door.

Some individuals also keep a photograph of their family or children with them. It is reported that looking at the picture of their loved ones during a panic attack may help relieve their condition and provide better control over their state. I have opted for this method myself and I am unsure of its reasons for being effective but I know this method works very well for me.

Controlled Breathing

When struggling through a panic attack, usually most people experience short and shallow breathing. This happens due to the sudden surge of adrenaline level in their brain. Taking deep breaths will help alleviate your condition. Controlled breathing helps in relaxing muscles and calming you down.

The challenging but here is how to do this properly before the occurrence of panic attack since it takes time to learn and practice. Panic Away program by Joe Barry will describe how to do this effectively step-by-step.


People who have profound religious beliefs, praying seem to work well for them in case of a panic attack. Moving your attention to something you believe in gives you instant self-encouragement and faith.