Panic Attack Self Help

You must learn some panic attack self help techniques to defend yourself and inhibit panic attacks in case you are struggling with panic attack disorder.

You’d sure be glad to find out that a number of panic attack self help cure are available that you can reach out to if you are dealing with constant fear and anxiety.

Proper breathing is also crucial in restraining panic attacks. Learning the correct technique for taking deep, controlled breaths will calm you naturally and prevent the panic attack from escalating.

Joe Barry’s book Panic Away  provides detailed instructions on the appropriate technique of proper deep breathing. The One Move technique described in his book has helped numerous people across the world in putting an end to and even curing panic attacks totally and naturally, doing away with the requirement for regular medication.

He also covers key points like learning the symptoms and signs of panic attacks and ways to check your diet to control any more anxiety attacks.

Stress is one of the main features that cause panic attacks. Knowing the way of relaxation can aid in controlling your panic disorder. Exercises can prove extremely beneficial in checking your anxiety attacks. Some examples of such exercises are yoga, swimming, running or even simple walking.

Lack of sleep can also results in constant stress. A good sleep not only relaxes and re-energizes your body but can also cuts down or remove stress hugely. You must seek advice from a doctor if you are suffering from insomnia. Simple things like changing the color of your bed sheets, spraying chamomile scents, dimming the lights in the bedroom and drinking a hot cup of milk before bed can also assist you sleep better.

Your diet also plays a significant role in keeping panic attacks at bay. One should stay away from beverages containing caffeine since they act as a stimulant that add to the chances of panic attacks.

Caffeine containing beverages such as coffee, teas and colas should be shunned or lessen as much as possible.

You can also go for herbs that have been used for centuries by our ancestors and are definitely successful in stopping panic attacks. Some examples of such herbs are St John’s Wort and Passion flower that are famous for their calming and soothing effects. You can mix these herbs in hot water and sip them as herbal tea.

If your hectic lifestyle makes it difficult for you to arrange these herbs, you can opt for them in capsule form. Several herbal supplement companies such as Native Remedies have come up capsule pills of these herbs for ease in consumption. Purecalm and Mindsoothe are two examples of these capsules.